About Abhivan

After many years of intensive rock climbing, Abhivan found his passion 22 years ago in Tai Chi Chuan and with that his interest in many other martial arts. He studied Tai Chi with Master Yogendra in Puna, where he had the luck to undertake personal one by one instructions and practise over many years.

Abhivan became the Dojo – Cartaker of Puna Osho Commune International were he could not only practise his Tai Chi, but he had the daily opportunity over years to meet various martial artist from all over the world in different styles at all levels and practise with them.
For example Tai Chi Master Zhang from China and Chantal Fafard (won many Tai Chi Competitions in China together with Sam Masich) came several times to Puna and spent lot of time sharing their skills.

Also Abhivan studied Aiki Ken (Japanese sword) under Avikal Constantino with great enthusiasm over years and could meet so many different styles of martial arts, his passion stayed with Tai Chi Chuan and little later on with Muay Thai (Thai- Boxing). To study Thailand’s traditional boxing style he visited many times Thailand to find good Thai instructors.

Free movements from a grounded and rooted base is the essence of Abhivans understanding after more then 20 years of practise in martial arts and it is the core of his teachings. His second favourite time-pass, after practicing martial art is passionate dancing – in absolute free movements with a rooted base.