Push Hands

Tai Chi ‘s origins are laying very clearly in martial arts. Basically Tai Chi is a chinese Kung Fu Style. Any Tai Chi Form, even when mostly practised slowly, is a series of attack and defend movements. The proper practise of a Tai Chi Forms teaches the body a certain alignment and coordination of movements, which is necessary to get the stances right and the Chi flowing.

Understanding the principles of Yin and Yang

Tai Chi Push Hands are the various Partner exercises to bring these Tai Chi movements more and more into a combat capable skill as well as understanding the principles of Yin and Yang – of neutralization and attacking. Push Hands provides Tai Chi practitioners with a structure to test and improve upon their balance, flexibility, poise, relaxation, timing and numerous other qualities while in contact with another person.
Push Hands provides a gentle way to “compete” with other Tai Chi practitioners without the risk of injury and adds also a lot of fun to the practice. There are many variations of this exercise, each with its own particular benefits.

In order to develop good roots, balance and an ability to live according to ones Tai Chi practise – training Push Hands with another person is a necessity. When you managed to stay calm, soft and rooted in the same time, when someone is trying to push you, you will see the postures of the Tai Chi Form in a new light and you are learning a lesson for your daily life.

In the end postures teach you about Push Hands and Push Hands teach you about the postures – it belongs together.