Qi Gong

Qigong is a holistic system of coordinated body postures and movements, breathing, and meditation mostly practised for health, meditation and martial art. An attempt of translation could be: “practise with life energy”.

  • China's cultural heritage
  • 2000 year old history
  • Traditional philosophy of Chi

Qigong is a part of China’s cultural heritage and has a more then 2000 year old history.
The Chinese traditional philosophy of Chi (life- energy) and the understanding that mind, body and soul form one unit is the basis of Qigong. According to this understanding Qigong regulates body posture, breath, spirit, visualization and the flow of Chi.

Qigong exercises come in many different styles and ways from different schools in china. Qigong can be practised moving, standing, sitting laying, with sound or in silence. One could distinguish into three mature directions: Techniques of controlled breathing combined with slow movements, Meditation by concentration on certain points of the body and I exercises which imitates movements of animals.

Practising Qigong means balancing the body´s yin and yang internally – therefore Qigong can bring great health benefits for the practitioner.