24 Posture
Tai Chi Chuan (Peking Form)

10 Days Course

Not scheduled

9.00 am – 12.00 am – Arambol Goa
open for beginners as well
as advanced practitioners

Simplified Tai Chi Form, reduced from the Yang Style Long Sequences. It is a solid foundation and perfect introduction to Tai Chi Chuan.
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Tai Chi Chuan

Internal Martial Art practices slow and in harmony with body and mind

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Qi Gong

Exercises for relaxation, health and release of stress. Developing and cultivating the inner Chi.

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Push Hands

Partner exercises for grounding and a deeper understanding of the martial aspects of Tai Chi Chuan.

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Tai Chi – Benefits

Tai Chi Forms are mostly practised in slow movements in order to get awareness into the entire body for correct postures, proper breathing and the visualisation of Chi into the appropriate bodyparts. Tai Chi keeps the body flexible. More flexible the body is- more easy the Chi can flow through it. Tai Chi Forms include slow motion kicks, punches and low stances which are challenging flexibility in a soft way. Also it feels good to be flexible, it is not a must for practising Tai Chi. It’s more that the practice of Tai Chi is creating flexibility in a smooth way.

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About Abhivan

After many years of intensive rock climbing, Abhivan found his passion 22 years ago in Tai Chi Chuan and with that his interest in many other martial arts. He studied Tai Chi with Master Yogendra in Puna, where he had the luck to undertake personal one by one instructions and practise over many years. Abhivan became the Dojo – Caretaker of Puna Osho Commune International were he could not only practise his Tai Chi but he had the daily …

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