Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong
when practice regularly promotes many benefits:

Increases body awareness

Tai Chi Forms are mostly practised in slow movements in order to get awareness into the entire body for correct postures, proper breathing and the visualisation of Chi into the appropriate bodyparts.

Expands flexibility

Tai Chi keeps the body flexible. More flexible the body is- more easy the Chi can flow through it. Tai Chi Forms include slow motion kicks, punches and low stances which are challenging flexibility in a soft way. Also it feels good to be flexible, it is not a must for practising Tai Chi. It’s more that the practice of Tai Chi is creating flexibility in a smooth way.

Improves movement - coordination

Tai Chi Forms are practised in slow motions over and over again in order to find the right coordination of legs, waist and arms. When everything is aligned and in the right coordination, the postures are strong, rooted and receptive in the same time.

Develops balance, grounding and roots

Tai Chi gives a good balance through the constant shift of weight during the form. Grounding and roots are developed in Tai Chi like almost in no other Martial Art. Waist and legs are major key points in the art of Tai Chi. Push hands teach a great deal of developing roots, too.

Restores and deepens the calmness of mind

Tai Chi is a meditation in motion. Tai Chi practitioners are sinking deep into them self and forget about the world running outside. The slow motions of the forms in circling movements support the meditative inward going experience of practising Tai Chi.

Improves vitality and overall health

Tai Chi harmonizes body, mind and soul. It helps to balance the Chi (Life-energy) within the body for a general good health. Tai Chi gives stability to the Circulation of Chi and prevents the body of imbalances.

Enhanced Chi - Circulation

During practise of a Tai Chi Form and Qigong, the practitioner is visualizing his Chi moving in certain directions. The mind is able to lead Chi through visualisations. The correct body posture and a straight spine is giving the right container for the Chi to circulate and break through possible blockades within the body.

Teaches self-defence

Tai Chi’s origin lays in martial art. Each movement of a Tai Chi Form has its combat applications and within time of practise the body knows these movements and will react according to it in times of need. Push Hands practitioners train one of the best foundations available for any combat to encounter.

Increases self - confidence

Tai Chi gives a feeling of being rooted, grounded and in general a feeling of being in the body, rather then being to much in the mind. Therefore the self-confidence is raising automatically. Dealing with other practitioners during Push Hands in a playful way and finding success within the practise adds also a great deal to ones self-confidence.